Leadership Development


Xavier HS – Mother’s Day Practice – (Done Mid-season) — All player’s moms are asked to come to a practice (upper classmen in larger programs). Mom’s first get insight on workings of the team (offense & defense). Mom’s actually get to call first play for the next game. Players are told ahead of time that they will be asked to speak about “why they love their mom” then the mom’s are asked to stand up and share something about their son and why they love their son. This is an incredibly impactful event. Lots of tears! You will definitely learn some very positive things about your players. This is how you reach their hearts and minds and really start to get buy in from the families!

pinup-boardStanley Boyd – “Put Up Board” – A takeaway from Coach Jeff Koenig. Only ‘Put Up’s are allowed in your program… NO Put downs! Put a board up in your facility in a very visible place where players and coaches give sincere compliments to one another for all to see.   Players can give compliments to anyone they wish to in the organization.   Coaches too can compliment anyone they wish to. Rewarded behaviors get repeated! Catch them being good.

Season Dedication – Players Identify a person in their life whom they are dedicating their season to AND explain why. They then have to call that person and tell them of the positive impact that they have made and of their dedication!

Raising The Steaks / Legacy Cards – As your senior leave you to go tackle life. Hand them one of these business cards. We have created different versions The back goes something like “In Time of NEED or CELEBRATIONS, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!

familyRTS – Kitchen Table Conversation (Take Home) Player and Mom/Dad sit down and fill out a sheet about good & Bad Leadership behaviors. They then talk about their own strengths and weaknesses. They finish with “If there is ONE THING I would change about Mom/Dad & Player and one thing I would never change. A great piece. Your parents will be seek you out to talk about their experience.  A selflessness reward can be implemented too. Please see a RTS representative and we can get you one of these and explain in more detail.

OFF & In Season Leadership Council – Many different options here. We will post details on our website about what other programs are specifically doing to reach the hearts and minds of their players. www.raisingthesteaksinc.com These programs are very much creating their ‘Culture’ by design! They invest a lot of time and energy into their leadership development program. Just a couple of examples.



  • Benevolent Bluejays 3.0 – Learn in detail what The Menasha Bluejays are doing to create better young men.
  • Kimberly Papermakers – Creating Servant Leaders
  • Homestead Leadership Council – Developing Young Men of character through Love! Application
  • Mukwonago ACT + 1 – Accountability, Character & Team Leadership program.
  • Waukesha West Unity Council –
  • Raising The Steaks – Servant Leadership “Reaching The Hearts and Minds” Speaking Engagements & Team building