Why Us

JJ Watt with winners Web SlideRaising The Steaks is a fundraising and leadership development company dedicated to making a difference for kids, coaches, families, communities and charities right here in Wisconsin.

Our quality service, products, and commitment to you and your team/organization set us apart. Raising The Steaks Fundraising offers great variety in fundraiser choices. We also offer fantastic incentives and a smooth delivery and pick-up system. Our goal is to partner with your team/organization for the long haul. We are committed to long-term, friendly and helpful relationships.

Creating Leaders on and off the Field

Raising The Steaks Leadership Development has picked up great momentum in the past year. We now offer Servant Leadership meetings and Coaching Influence roundtable sessions for coaches, kids, parents, and athletic directors across Wisconsin. We are passionate about helping build kids with character who want to lead and serve their teams, families and communities. In fact, our leadership programs are open to all, not just programs that fundraise with our company. Serving people is a powerful message and action that will build character and make our communities better moving forward. Please contact us to learn more about leadership or if you would like us to come in and share our presentation with your team, group or business.

Raising The Steaks Fundraising & Leadership Development

Honored to Serve

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