Coaches Going For Gold Ball… With Love

We are extremely pleased with the on-field success of some of the contributing coaches to our “INFLUENCE Coaches Leadership Workshops”. Although on-field successes (the WINS) are just a by-product of having great relationships throughout an organization, it is nice to see when young football players are pushed with real Love. These players get to chase something very tangible today and may be the reason they got into football, but they are lucky recipients of something much bigger. These young men are blessed to have been in organizations where true love is lived every day and it has been non-negotiable. Today, we have our friends Steve Jones from Kimberly, Steve Rux from Waukesha West and Dave Keel all going for a state title in football.
These men and organizations operate from a platform much different than that of many of their peers. These organizations are fueled by Love. This is not Love the Feeling like that of snickers or the Green Bay Packers but love in action and service. This Love puts others first. Lombardi stated “my love will be relentless’. This love does not tire easily. The impact these men and their respective organizations have on their players will pay them for many years to come well after their cleats are put away! This impact is real. It has been earned.

These gentleman understand the true meaning of the word Love and its place in a locker room. This is the Love of incredibly hard effort, service and sacrifice. It is also paying great attention to the culture that is promoted within. Their cultures don’t just happen by default rather very much by design. These coaches and leaders have identified behaviors that will never be allowed within their organization, celebrated service and the selfless acts frequently and turned the power pyramid on its head. Not one but many are on the top of this pyramid. These men serve first and do it with their character and lots of Love.

Good luck today to some already very lucky players.

Patrick Van Abel Raising The Steaks Fundraising & Leadership Development.