Upcoming Influence Workshops

Reaching the Hearts & Minds of your Players


  • Life is too damn short for you to be defined by wins and losses!
  • Find sustainable excellence through LOVE!!!
  • Too many people don’t have a clue what forces are truly at work in high performance organizations.


  • Thursday Evening – January 11th (6:30PM to 9:30PM)


  • Van Abel’s of Hollandtown; just 5 miles east of Kaukauna


  • $10 per person – $50 per staff of up to 8
  • Includes Beer and Snacks!


Our Speakers

Lucas Jadin – “Train 2B Clutch”

Lucas Jadin combines the science of human flourishing with real-life stories to equip leaders in athletics, education, and business to achieve more and find fulfillment in the process

  • How do we use our context to become the best version of ourselves?
  • How do we implement mental training with limited time and financial resources?
  • How do we overcome the greatest fear holding us back?
  • How do we measure our progress on what matters most?

Steve Jones – Kimberly High School Football Coach – “Developing Leaders that Create a Winning Culture”

  • Culture either happens by design or by default. In this presentation, we will look at ways you can intentionally create the culture you desire and develop leaders that drive that culture.