RTS to host INFLUENCE Event on January 11th (Headlined by Steve Jones).

Raising The Steaks Fundraising will be hosting another “INFLUENCE” event to be held at Van Abel’s of Hollandtown (just outside of Kaukauna) on January 11th.

Coach Steve Jones headlines an evening talking about “Creating a Winning Culture”.  We will also have Lucas Jadin from “Train 2B Clutch” presenting.  Other great resources will also be available.  Patrick Van Abel of RTS and Badger Sports park. will be moderating the evening and we have one goal, which is to educate more coaches on better ways to reach the hearts and minds of their players.  Nothing to do with X’s and O’s.  This is an adult only event.  The event does include beer, soda and snacks.

To attend, please contact kyle@raisingthesteaksinc.com

Htown Influence Invite

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Sun Prairie Football’s “Safe Seat”

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Sun Prairie HS Football Coach Brian Kaminski recently shared with us their very successful “Safe Seat” program.  

Coach picks a willing leader to take the “Safe Seat”.  This is a controlled safe environment for individuals to express their feelings in front of the entire staff and team.  This exercise really supports the idea that VULNERABILITY IS OK !!!!  Anything we can do celebrate people actually sharing their real feelings is where real growth occurs.

Usually, the same 3 questions are asked but this can be tweaked

  1. What is your favorite youth memory?
  2. What are the biggest obstacles you have overcome in your life?
  3. What are your goals for the future?

Coach Kaminski feels that this has been one of the greatest tools for creating more team unity and an environment of trust.   The amount of thoughtful conversation and real sharing of hopes and fears has been amazing.  Every player and coach is asked to participate.

We would suggest allowing people in the Safe Seat to be able to come prepared with their thoughts written down so they don’t get caught in front of a large crowd not being sure what to say or forgetting things.  A resource that we have found lots of great stuff from is Brene Brown’s “Daring Greatly” which really highlights the importance of creating a safe environement.  Dr. Brene Brown dispels the cultural myth that vulnerability is weakness and argues that it is, in truth, our most accurate measure of courage.  Brown explains how vulnerability is both the core of difficult emotions like fear, grief, and disappointment, and the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, empathy, innovation, and creativity. She writes: When we shut ourselves off from vulnerability, we distance ourselves from the experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives.  Please try this with your team or in any organization that you are part of (home, school or work).

Best of Luck to Coach Kaminski and thank you for your courage in Daring Greatly!




Great Escape Room Team Building Deals


The RTS partners own Escape Room Facilities around the state. What is an Escape Room? Well it is a fully immersive experience where we lock 6 to 10 perfectly sane people in a locked room. They have to work TOGETHER to find clues and solve puzzles within 1 hour to ESCAPE! We believe there is no greater team building opportunity out there. Coaches are encouraged to also play or watch and listen from our control room to see what special talents your team members have. It takes lot of different skill sets to accomplish the mission.
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To schedule your group for FREE or heavily discounted team building opportunities, please email us below.
Tony Resch                –    tony@raisingthesteaksinc.com   – SE Wisconsin / Milwaukee

Patrick Van Abel     –    pat@raisingthesteaksinc.com – NE Wisconsin / Appleton & Green Bay



RTS joins the fight against Bone Cancer for local youth athlete #TEAMJOSE

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Raising The Steaks is helping with Making A Difference for a youth football/basketball player from Slinger, WI who was diagnosed with 2 different forms of bone cancer. One of the cancers is very rare and aggressive and has only been treated in WI Children’s Hospital 3 times to date. Raising The Steaks is promoting the #TEAMJOSE movement at multiple events across the state of Wisconsin. Youth and High School football Coaches all over Wisconsin and Illinois have also contributed to the cause.

Please take the time to help support the #TEAMJOSE group with prayers/donations by visiting their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Team-Jose-573385699490854/?fref=ts

Thank you for your support



NEW…Raising The Steaks Fundraising & Leadership Development Web Site…Welcome!

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Raising The Steaks would like to announce our new and improved fundraising web site! Raising The Steaks fundraising works with youth & high school athletics and all other groups looking to run a simple and profitable fundraiser for their members. From Cookie Dough, Pizza, Kringle to Discount Card fundraisers we have you covered. Looking to change the culture in your organization, team, or school? Raising The Steaks offers our exclusive “INFLUENCE Workshops” all across the state of Wisconsin, reaching their hearts and minds through servant leadership. Are you ready to start your fundraiser and/or leadership journey today, just click on the link to get started: http://www.raisingthesteaksinc.com


Support The Troops Online Pay Option – NEW!


Raising The Steaks is very proud to announce that families can now make online donations for The Support Our Troops program for all of our fundraisers.  A family that wants to make a donation can simply click on our Making a Difference page.  They can safely enter the amount and designate which program made the sale (ie if a Homestead Softball) made the sale, the family would simply add that on the form.






Coaches Going For Gold Ball… With Love

We are extremely pleased with the on-field success of some of the contributing coaches to our “INFLUENCE Coaches Leadership Workshops”. Although on-field successes (the WINS) are just a by-product of having great relationships throughout an organization, it is nice to see when young football players are pushed with real Love. These players get to chase something very tangible today and may be the reason they got into football, but they are lucky recipients of something much bigger. These young men are blessed to have been in organizations where true love is lived every day and it has been non-negotiable. Today, we have our friends Steve Jones from Kimberly, Steve Rux from Waukesha West and Dave Keel all going for a state title in football.
These men and organizations operate from a platform much different than that of many of their peers. These organizations are fueled by Love. This is not Love the Feeling like that of snickers or the Green Bay Packers but love in action and service. This Love puts others first. Lombardi stated “my love will be relentless’. This love does not tire easily. The impact these men and their respective organizations have on their players will pay them for many years to come well after their cleats are put away! This impact is real. It has been earned.

These gentleman understand the true meaning of the word Love and its place in a locker room. This is the Love of incredibly hard effort, service and sacrifice. It is also paying great attention to the culture that is promoted within. Their cultures don’t just happen by default rather very much by design. These coaches and leaders have identified behaviors that will never be allowed within their organization, celebrated service and the selfless acts frequently and turned the power pyramid on its head. Not one but many are on the top of this pyramid. These men serve first and do it with their character and lots of Love.

Good luck today to some already very lucky players.

Patrick Van Abel Raising The Steaks Fundraising & Leadership Development.

Hollandtown Influence Event Re-Scheduled


Raising the Steaks Fundraising and Leadership Development has announced that it will be re-scheduling Hollandtown / Fox Valley INFLUENCE event scheduled for July 9th to a date to be determined after the fall high school season is completed. We are doing this to better accommodate coaches busy in contact days and with family holidays. We will have be holding INFLUENCE events state-wide in spring of 2016

1st Fox Valley Influence Workshop Wow

Raising The Steaks Fundraising and Leadership Development hosted its’ first ever INFLUENCE Coaches Workshop on April 15th at Van Abel’s of Hollandtown. This event was attended by over 55 coaches from 26 schools. INFLUENCE is a grass roots effort to bring together like-minded individuals committed to bringing Leadership Development to high school athletes.

This free event was led by speakers Steve Jones of Kimberly High School, Jeramie Korth Menasha High School, Dave Keel of Homestead and Patrick Van Abel of Raising The Steaks and Badger Sports Park. The message was simple. What can we do as coaches do to spread the word and better practice servant leadership?

Van Abel started off the meeting highlighting his journey in servant leadership over the past 22 years at Badger Sports Park. Steve Jones spoke about the pressures facing today’s youth and the ‘Twin Thieves’ of Judgement and Fear of Failure. He also went in depth on the specifics of his culture program at Kimberly High School and how his main focus is to create servant leaders. These young leaders are challenged with pressures from social media and fight the battle between being liked versus being respected.

Jeramie Korth spoke on his leadership journey at Menasha High School and how they address developing leadership in broken and single parent families. Another focus was the “Benevolent Bluejay” program that they have created on getting these student athletes to focus on serving others in their community. This group of young leaders meets with coaches every week before school to discuss their leadership goals for that week. They also have a “Big Brother” program where seniors and freshmen mentor each other. The leadership goes both ways in this program.

Dave Keel spoke about the specifics of his leadership council at Homestead High School. Keel has been coaching for over 30 years and it wasn’t until he started his leadership development programs that his focus was truly on the right thing, which was creating leaders and adding more personal accountability to himself, his coaches and their players. Many of the coaches left the meetings highly energized and said they will be focused on either starting or improving their own leadership programs. Coach Pete Kittel of Brillion stated “I wanted to send a note to thank you for organizing the servant leader workshop last night. I felt it was a great evening to share with like minded people. It is something I have believed very strongly in for my 29 years in coaching” A short video of coach Jones speaking can be found here
The next INFLUENCE Coaches Workshop is scheduled for July 9th. There will also be chapters forming in Milwaukee, Madison & Stevens Point. Please visit our website Raising The Steaks

For any press related questions, please contact Patrick Van Abel at 920.428.4878 or pat@raisingthesteaksinc.com